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In the late 60s, Nisha was married to a distant cousin at age 16, a common practice in her remote South Indian village. Every event made her stand up resolutely, while utterly humble before the Might of the Almighty.  Though she marries her husband sight unseen, she is excited about her new life. Quickly, that excitement gives way to despair as she discovers her husband's secret obsession.

Through trials, betrayal, abuse and manipulation, she is tested in almost unimaginable ways. Clinging to her faith and her children, she emerges from darkness, thankful for every humbling event that brought her to her Lord.  

A Part of Me Refused to Die gives a behind-the-scenes look at the circumstances so many women suffer in silence. It is a story of survival and success, patience and perseverance, resilience and redemption. Despite the trauma, she emerges with undiminished faith and a shining spirit that is a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit.

Everyone of us faces our own types of “abuse” both inflicted on us by others and by our own selves. Nisha’s story of resilience is one that will remind you that GOD is always in control and you have the power to alter your condition.

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