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"Remind women all over, never to lose hope, whatever the situation We all have within us, not only overcome, but triumph over impossible situations".

"It is all about attitude.
It is all about sticking to inviolable principles,that in our speed to satiate desires lie forgotten.
It is about reclaiming our true selves.
It is about realizing that events occur for a reason.
It is about finding meaning in them."

"And we have the power to overcome, if we take the Invisible Power as our ally.
True success takes time."

"There cannot be true success without Him. What the modern man calls luck is actually a favour from God.
It is within reach for everyone. We just learn how to earn it." 

​"Oh son of Adam, do not be afraid of any power or sovereignty, as long as My Sovereignty remains and My Sovereignty never ceases.
Oh, son of Adam do not fear tightened sustenance as long as My storehouses are full, and My storehouses are never empty.
Oh son of Adam, I created you to worship Me, so do not play, I have already set your share of sustenance,so don't make yourself tired.
He does not mean tiring your limbs but tiring your heart out with worry' your limbs work, while your hearts put their trust in Him'.
I swear by My Glory and Might,if you are content with what I have allocated to you, I will bring comfort to your heart and body,
and you will be praised by Me.
On the other hand if you are not content with what I have allocated for you, I swear by My Glory and Might,
​I will set the world loose on you, where you will run just like animals run in the wild,and you will not get more than what I had allocated for you,
Oh son of Adam, I created the seven Heavens and the earth effortlessly, so would it trouble me to send a loaf of bread your way?
Oh son of Adam do not ask me for tomorrow's sustenance,just like I have not asked of you tomorrow's deeds,
Oh son of Adam, I love you, so by my rights over you, love Me". - Hadith Qudsi



"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

"Wisdom is like a Baobab tree, on one individual can embrace it ---African proverb."

"Each time you smile, you will find that someone somewhere will smile back at you."

"We cannot direct the winds, but we can adjust the sails". President Thomas.S. Manson."

"Ego says," once everything falls into place, I will feel peace." Spirit says," Find your peace and then everything will fall into place"."

"Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner"


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In the late 60s, Nisha was married to a distant cousin at age 16, a common practice in her remote South Indian village. Every event made her stand up resolutely, while utterly humble before the Might of the Almighty.  Though she marries her husband sight unseen, she is excited about her new life. Quickly, that excitement gives way to despair as she discovers her husband's secret obsession. Through trials, betrayal, abuse and manipulation, she is tested in almost unimaginable ways. Clinging to her faith and her children, she emerges from darkness, thankful for every humbling event that brought her to her Lord.  

A Part of Me Refused to Die gives a behind-the-scenes look at the circumstances so many women suffer in silence. It is a story of survival and success, patience and perseverance, resilience and redemption. Despite the trauma, she emerges with undiminished faith and a shining spirit that is a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit.

Everyone of us faces our own types of “abuse” both inflicted on us by others and by our own selves. Nisha’s story of resilience is one that will remind you that GOD is always in control and you have the power to alter your condition.



Nisha Sulthana is a mother of three sons and grandmother of seven. She was born in South India and has lived in America for the past 20 years. For her, her home is her universe. She also has a passion for travelling, and has travelled extensively.

A student of history and political science from the University of Calcutta, Nisha boasts of nothing but a keen interest in the world around her. Free-spirited and bubbling with enthusiasm in spite of the knocks handed out, Nisha believes in herself and The Universal Spirit whom she calls God.

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In the name of Allaah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

"Mashahallah!!!!  beautifully narrated the battle between the truth and falsehood. ( Real Self and the false self). Also the narration of Islam as a way of life is presented in a simple beautiful way that the reader gets the essence and the message of God to mankind. May Allah accept your contribution to bring light into many battered souls going through the similar motion of life time and again in different forms. May your work help humanity to the path of truth and save from being the victim of the inner whisperer." - Sadath

"A must read! This book made me realize how greatly blessed every human is despite all hardship. Even if you were to believe that there is no worldly solution to your problems, this book will teach you how and why you should not only wholeheartedly accept your destiny but be thankful, peaceful and do the best you can under any circumstance. There are so many gems and jewels hidden inside this book that you will not want to miss! So it is well worth reading with a highlighter in hand." - H.A